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Upscale Assisted Living Facility in New Smyrna Beach, FL

New Smyrna Beach Assisted Living Facility offers seniors the chance to relax and enjoy their golden years in the comfort of an upscale assisted living facility. In New Smyrna Beach, FL, we’re located at the Hidden Lake Golf Course, which means residents enjoy access to a wealth of fun and engaging activities. Your loved ones deserve the best, so visit us today to tour our facilities and get a feel for our senior housing situation.

There’s no substitute for the peace of mind which comes from knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the finest facility available. When you tour our location, you will gain more confidence with every step you take that this is a place where residents are treated as valued individuals and given the utmost respect.

We consider each resident as a member of our community, and we dedicate ourselves each day to creating a sense of an extended family for everyone. We want our senior care facility to be seen as a home for all our residents.

Convenient Golf Course Location

Here at New Smyrna Beach Assisted Living Facility, we offer more than just a warm atmosphere, compassionate elderly care, and upscale housing. We offer residents the chance to indulge in activities that offer essential opportunities to socialize, energize, and enjoy themselves. Our facility is located close to a golf course and many other recreational attractions.

We know that many people are active well into their senior years, and we fully support that by offering a range of activities that allow our residents to stay on the go as much as they like. It’s common wisdom that physical fitness and positive mental outlook go hand in hand, and that’s why we encourage our residents to play a round of golf or take part in something else they enjoy.

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There are a lot of features that set our nursing home above other options. The approach we take is one of personalized care combined in a home-like environment that allows residents the full freedom to come and go as they please.

If you’re looking for the perfect upscale assisted living facility for your loved one, look no further. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our amenities, as well as our quality of care. You’re welcome to visit us any time during business hours, as we’re eager to show guests what we have to offer their loved ones.

Landmark: We are located at the Hidden Lake Golf Course.

Come and visit us in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, to connect with a reputable elderly care and assisted living facility.

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