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Senior Care Residents and Staff Member

Specialized Living Facility Equipped for Daily Assistance, Alzheimer’s, Dementia Care and More

New Smyrna Beach Assisted Living Facility (#AL12638) provides supervision and assistance over the activities of senior daily living. We are an assisted living facility that coordinates with health care providers to better monitor activities and help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our residents.

What We Are NOT:

• A Nursing Home with Hospital Beds
  & Constant Noise

• A Large Facility with No Personal Care
• A Rest Home Where You Go & Do Nothing
• A Facility That Wakes You up through the Night
  to Do Vital Signs
• A Facility Where "Patients" May NOT Come
  & Go as They Please.  We have an open door policy.

What We Are:

A senior housing facility capable of Dementia care and Alzheimer's assisted living. Our skilled and dedicated staff is the backbone of our facility. They are free of tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. All members are level 2 background-screened nationwide, and are trained in the following skills:
• CPR & First Aid
• Infection Control
• Alzheimer's & Dementia
• Food Handling
• Emergency Preparation
• Resident Rights
• Medication Assistance
• Daily Assistance

About Our Owner
Sabrina Amazan  


• Masters Degree in Healthcare      Administration,
  Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
•Bachelor's Degree in Biology,   Minor: Molecular Microbiology, University of Central Florida

Trainings & Seminars:

• CPR & First Aid (Certified)
• HIV & AIDS (Certified)
• Assisted Living Facility Administrator
• Medication Management
• Domestic Rights
• Alzheimer's & Dementia
• Infection Control
• Resident's Rights & Elderly Care Affairs
• Food Handling, Sanitation, & Pool Safety

Organizations & Memberships:

• Florida Assisted Living Association
• Rotary Club of New Smyrna Beach
• Alzheimer's Association
• Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce
• Port Orange-South Daytona Chamber
  of Commerce
• American College of Healthcare Executives
• American Society for Quality

Mission Statement
New Smyrna Beach Assisted Living Facility, strives to provide a unique service for the elderly. We create an environment where the elderly can enjoy their life to the fullest, in an upscale residential home, with concierge service 24 hours a day.

Dementia Care, Alzheimers Assisted Living | New Smyrna Beach, FL

Services to Ease the Aging Process
Everyone slows down with age, and for some, this is coupled with disease and disability. A look at our qualifications shows you that assisted living in New Smyrna Beach, FL, with New Smyrna Beach Assisted Living Facility is ideal for helping you and your family through all of it. It just makes sense to have the necessary assistance to be comfortable and safe, especially for someone you love. With us, you can feel confident they are living in dignity with the services that make life easier and better.

Because we’re not a nursing or rest home, nobody has to feel like they’re in a hospital or shoved into a crowd of strangers. All of our members are qualified to give personal care to their patients and help them retain as much of their independence as possible.

We’re Equipped To Meet the Challenges That Accompany Aging
As a disease progresses, it may be more difficult for aging parents to take care of themselves properly. They may need help with medication reminders, transportation to the doctor’s office, or assistance with infections. Our education, seminars, and memberships have prepared us for all of that and more. We have dedicated staff available 24/7 to see to the needs of these seniors. No matter what they’re dealing with, we have the expertise to face it with them.

Serving Those Who Can’t Serve Themselves
Our dementia care in particular is designed to address one of the most common conditions affecting the elderly. Dementia is the term for brain disorders--such as forgetfulness, difficulties with critical thinking, or an inability to focus-- that diminish people’s ability to live independently in the family home. Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps the best known of these disorders. Those who suffer from it often need continuous oversight to ensure they don’t wander off, forget to turn off the stove, or become confused.

The training our professionals have received covers dementia care in meticulous detail. Should they be unable to cook for themselves, we’re experienced in food handling and sanitation. Our background-checked members have received the education to provide everything they need whether it’s an emergency or just another day.

Contact us  at our upscale assisted living facility to learn more about our senior care services. We’re located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and serve clients from New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Port Orange, and Daytona Beach.

Contact us now in New Smyrna, Florida, and learn more about what our assisted living facility can offer your loved ones.

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